Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Networking – Important for all businesses

Being in the business world, teaches a lot of things to humans. For instance, business teaches you that you need networking, in order to survive. The landscape of the business world is shifting, changing very rapidly. To make sure that you stay ahead of the game you have to have a good network. Huub Teesing, emphasizes on this very point. Simply put, networking helps you stay up dated with all the latest news and happenings in the industry.
Conventionally, whenever there is an event. You’ll get up, put on your best suit and arrive at the event to make your network i.e. if you network at all. When you are done, you’ll have a whole stack of cards in your hands. You might think that most of them are useless but according to Huub Teesing, you need all of them. In one way or another, these guys will be of use to you. For instance, if you are running an IT company and a representative from a locomotive gives you their card. With the growing company you might need some cars for logistic purposes etc. So keep all the cards with you.
Start sorting out the cards with respect to similar goals. This way you’ll get to prioritize the importance of people. Then when you are done with that you can start putting in real effort, meeting up with them. Invite them over for a cup of coffee or meet them at cafes. Although doing this will help you build important relationships but you need to have another very important thing to have people wanting more.
Huub Teesing says that a charming, better yet a magnetic personality is very important for almost every business man. A smile should be plastered on your face when you meet the client. You must take extra precautions when getting ready to meet a client. Make sure that you look good, smell good and your body language portrays confidence. Cracking a joke once in a while might spice up the conversation, but you need to judge the whole conversation beforehand. Doing so in a serious conversation could bear disastrous results and turn the tables on you.

So to make a good impression on the clients you should always be prepared. Don’t over-prepare but make sure that you don’t intimidate the client. The whole endeavor should go in your favor, helping supplement the reputation of your business. 

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